Professional logo design services

Our logo design service will give your company a visual identity with energy and impact. We understand logo design and are experts in the best principles to achieve outstanding results. Whether you need stationery, advertising or brochures designed we will produce creative designs that provides you with a visual excellence.

A strong brand identity at the core of your print materials will ensure you are instantly recognised in whatever form and context you are seen. We can provide the following services:

 Logo design and evolution of existing brand identities

 Stationery design

 Brand guidelines

An important part of your brand

The logo is an important part of your visual identity and the visual identity is, in turn, part of your brand. For many people the logo is the first thing they think of when they start thinking about branding a company, product or service. Starting with the logo is not strictly the right way round to do things.

In an ideal world there would be much work done to define the brand in other ways: understanding the personality of what it represents, development of colour palettes, typography etc. in order to get to a point where it would be possible to know what ideas and rules would help to define what form the logo would take.

However, in the real world where budgets can’t be front loaded to pay for a whole branding programme in the early stages things are often done back to front and a logo which intuitively looks and feels right can often create the rules for colour, typographic styling and all the other components of the visual identity.

We’ve got lots of ideas and experience creating brands