Social Media is a vital tool to communicate and network within your local and wider community.

Should you use Twitter and tweet?
By using Twitter effectively you can engage and connect with your local community and share information that is of interest. Segmentation and targeting of twitter users enables messages to be delivered to different audiences at different times. It also allows you to measure how effective your tweets and campaigns are.

• Tweet pictures and updates on your business
• Tweet calendar events or last minute cancellations
• Promote your facilities
• Advertise job opportunities

Should you use Facebook and post?
By using Facebook effectively you can deliver valuable news and updates to your local community. By effortlessly sharing you can directly channel communication between you and your community.

• Promote company success
• Post and share pictures of events
• Share videos
• Post your latest events and activities
• Promote your facilities

Social media campaigns

Our social media team run successful, creative and inspiring campaigns increasing your online presence.


Informative tweets for prospective clients. Effective means of disseminating information quickly to users.


The largest social media tool available. Share videos and pictures and extend your digital presence and community groups.

Social media marketing

Embrace social media as it is the primary way that young people and your local community communicate.